3 Types of Investment to Make Nowadays

To sustain the money and savings you have now might be impossible and that is why, the numbers of people investing their money are increasing day by day. It might be difficult to figure out how to invest money. And I am sure you will agree with me when I say there is no shortage of investment knowledge available in the digital world. Too much knowledge, on the other hand, may be overpowering. Right? So, if you are a rookie looking to start investing money to accomplish your financial objectives, this is the guide for you to choose which type of investment suits you and your current financial situation well.

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Investment – linked Insurance Plan (ILP)

An ILP is exactly what it sounds like: it’s an insurance protection plan that also doubles as an investment. The coverage you receive, however, is determined on your policy and the insurance riders you select – this might vary from severe diseases to death. The policy also lets you withdraw a certain amount if you run into financial difficulties throughout the coverage term.

Essentially, a portion of the payments will be invested, while the remainder will stay as your standard coverage price. ILPs often invest in unit trust funds, implying that your money will be handled by a fund manager. Your returns, like any other unit trust, are determined by the performance of the fund – there will be numerous fund alternatives to select from.

Fixed Deposit

Consider a fixed deposit to be a time capsule for your money. You cannot withdraw your money from a fixed deposit account until the agreed-upon term expires. It may seem inconvenient that you cannot withdraw your own money, but we encourage it since fixed deposits provide a considerably greater interest rate than the ordinary savings account – when your tenure expires.

Your returns will be influenced by how long you are willing to leave your money in the fixed deposit account – the longer your tenure, the greater the interest rate. There are two types of fixed deposit, the first one is short term fixed deposit (starting from one month) and long-term fixed deposit (up to five years).


Foreign exchange (sometimes known as Forex) investment is concerned with the notion of trading currencies (like how someone can trade stocks). All currencies have an exchange rate, often known as the currency’s price. The greater the currency’s worth, the more expensive the currency’s exchange rate. You can search for the best forex brokers in Malaysia to know more about it.

To invest in forex, you must always trade in pairs. For example, suppose you buy $10 with the intention of selling it at a better price in the future because you believe the USD exchange rate will rise against the Malaysian ringgit. The higher the USD rises against the MYR, the larger your profit. You can also sell currency in order to buy it later if you believe the currency exchange rate will fall in the future.

Investment is not only good for you if you want to buy something in the future but it really is a helpful method especially for emergency cases.