Secret Cherry and Myths about Sex

Sex is a carnal pleasure. It is a necessity that is deeply ingrained within the very fabric of life. However, it is easy to fall into a boring routine when it comes to intercourse. In order to attain true pleasure, one must keep things exciting in the bedroom or other more daring locations. Sex toys are most often used for this purpose. Secret Cherry is a trusted vendor for sex toys in Malaysia

Secret Cherry

While sex does have practical purposes such as the recreation of life, hormone regulation, genital health, etc., it is also a recreational activity, one that absolutely needs to be enjoyed thoroughly. Given how Asian communities believe sex to be a scandalous and taboo topic, education regarding sex and its benefits is not something that is easily accessible. As a result of this, many people refer to sex as only a method of procreation and not pleasure. Furthermore, due to the hush-hush nature of the topic, next to no sexual education is imparted to the younger generations besides abstinence. This leads to them exploring the topic through films, shows, pornography, and word of mouth stories. This leads to a number of misconceptions, half-truths, and myths being perpetrated from generation to generation. 


While many do end up receiving proper information and manage to unlearn their falsehood of sex and masturbation, these myths are still prevalent and have caused serious consequences.  


Although more often than not myths are absolutely harmless and do not cause any real problems or health hazards, myths about sex are dangerous. These myths and half truths can be detrimental to the health and well-being of everyone involved in more ways than one. They can cause sexually transmitted diseases and infections, relational stress, and unplanned or surprise pregnancies. Hence it is absolutely imperative to debunk these myths.


Myths about Sex


Myth #1: Oral Sex is Safe Sex

Truth: Oral sex, while is effective in preventing pregnancies, is not completely safe since the form can still lead to the transmission of STDs and STIs due to the exchanging of bodily fluids.


Myth #2: It is Obvious when Someone has an STD or STI 

Truth: While certain STDs and STIs do show obvious physical symptoms at certain stages of the infection, it is impossible to ascertain if a person does indeed have an STD or STI without getting tested.

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Myth #3: Condoms are the Epitomy of Safe Sex

Truth: Condoms do have the potential to protect people from getting diseases and infections as well as prevent pregnancy, but only if the rubbers are used properly. If a condom breaks, it will make the transmission of diseases and pregnancy a very real possibility. 


Myth #4: HIV is an MSM, Men who have Sex with Men, Disease

Truth: While it is prevalent in MSM and had caused a serious epidemic in the 80s and the 90s, it is not a LGBT+ disease. Anyone who is sexually active can contract HIV regardless of gender and sexual orientation. 


Myth #5: Pulling out before Ejaculating Prevents Pregnancy

Truth: Not really. During sex, many bodily fluids and secretions are shared. Men discharge bodily fluids and women produce vaginal fluids. Even if the man were to pull out, the mixing of these fluids can lead to STDs as well as pregnancies.   

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