The Effects of the Internet on Fashion Consumption

The fashion industry, like most businesses in general, has been heavily influenced by the introduction of online social media in recent years. Social media not only changes the way people communicate but also the way companies advertise and reach their users. The purpose of this article is to explore how social media influences the use of fashion, especially among college-aged women. Just about all college students male, females are taking an active role on social media. The main motivation for using social media is to stay in touch with friends. Therefore, it is beneficial to place the business as a partner on this site and not just a professional company. In addition, there are seven critical social media stores that currently dominate the market: Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Reddit, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. It is highly beneficial if the business focuses on the presence on the site. While Facebook and Twitter has been the mainstay for some time, Pinterest and Instagram offer significant opportunities for business growth and innovation. Applying Pinterest to your marketing strategy can be the greatest opportunity to increase sales due to its purely visual nature and direct relationship with the purchasing website. Discovering how social media affects the business and recognizing its importance is essential for a company to stay at the forefront of the competition.

Over the past decade, social media has redefined the world in which we live in. What started out as a tool to communicate, maintain relationships, or reconnect with old friends slowly but surely became an integral part of our daily lives; drastically changing the way work is done by us. One of the areas of business that is heavily influenced by the social media revolution is the fashion industry. Through social media agencies, what is only available to the insider, celebrities and elite class is now accessible to the public. For example, those who were previously unrelated to high fashion, because the designer’s Facebook page, Twitter feed, or Instagram account, can now watch live footage of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week taking place in New York City, which is an industry-specific opportunity

Before these social media organizations existed, sales, store traffic, and financial records were the only ways to measure consumer opinion. Today, however, the stereotype of “the customer is king” has adopted a new definition. Today, customer feedback not only reaches the company faster but also “customer” customers can spread to a wider audience by commenting on social media. Companies now have to listen and pay attention to customer feedback because failing to do so can cause their reputation to be ruined through social media slander. However, there is no more cost-effective or time-saving way to communicate than social media. To remain a marketplace, brick and mortar retailers need to adapt and start using social media as a platform in their business structures. While adapting to technological change is critical for all types of retailers, fashion retailers should pay special attention. In a sense, fashion is a product of our environment. So trends always come and go and fashion changes in general. From the user perspective, it is easy to see how social media can be a tool to speed up communication of this trend. However, from the retailer’s point of view, it is important not only to get complete information but also to be very connected in order to better serve customers’ needs.

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While many view these stereotypes negatively, there are actually demographics. That said, it will be a strategy for local and local retailers to take advantage of the opportunities offered by social media. Also, it is no secret that the role of social media in the colleges/Universities will be expanded. Today’s college/university demographics are the first generation to use social media from an early age, allowing the Web to function as an integral part of their social life. More precisely, on this social media, women seem to be more active and, incidentally, tend to follow fashion trends religiously.

It is no secret that social media dominates many areas of life as we know it. As mentioned earlier, in the last decade, the social network has grown exponentially. It would be derogatory to say that the industry fired rockets – it totally revolutionized the world we live in. While there are seven different numbers of media sites, Facebook, Twitter, etc. It is part of everyday life for many more students. It can be said that these seven sites dominate the market and contain ideas and things about “social media” in chats. Do not wait and apply now an internet connection in your houses and offices, if you are living in Malaysia then apply Time fibre 100mbps home broadband Malaysia to get the fastest internet speed at a very affordable price.