The Most Common Components in Electronic Components

This electronic component guide will attempt to explain how common electronic components work in a straightforward manner. The following electronic components are included in this guide:


  • Resistor


  • Capacitor


  • Diode


  • Transistor


  • Integrated Circuit (IC)


  • Relay


  • Inductor


  • Crystal


Please keep in mind that this Omron electronic components in Malaysia tutorial is simply intended to provide a basic overview of some of the components when constructing electronic circuits.




In an electric circuit, a resistor will stop current flow. This is, without a doubt, the most prevalent electronic component. Typically, a resistor is used to set the necessary voltages in a circuit in order for it to perform effectively.




A capacitor is similar to a low-capacity battery. It could be used to add a delay to a circuit, for example.




A diode is an electrical component that exclusively conducts current in one direction. When converting from alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC), it is often employed (DC). The Light Emitting Diode (LED) and the Zener diode are two further types of diodes.




In the sense that it can turn on and off a current, a transistor is comparable to a relay. Amplifiers work because of transistors.


Integrated Circuit (IC)


An integrated circuit (IC) is a circuit made up of several small components that are packaged together in a small box. From a microcontroller to a radar system, it might be anything.




A switch that may be controlled electrically is known as a relay. The switch opens when you connect power to the relay. The switch closes when the electricity is turned off. (Or the other way around.)




Inductors are unusual components made out of a coil of wire. High frequencies irritate them. Without knowing a little more theory, it’s a little tough to comprehend what they accomplish. What is an inductor? is a more detailed article that I’ve published.

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A crystal oscillator is a component that generates a precise frequency, such as for a microcontroller’s clock.


Integrated Circuits (ICs)


Microcontrollers can be compared to a miniature computer. You have complete control over them and can programme them to perform whatever you want. They’re now found in practically all electronic items. Whether it’s in your fridge, your camera, or your phone, there’s a place for anything.


 The 555 timer is a timeless design. It’s been around since the 1970s. It’s mostly used to make timers, oscillators, and pulse generators.


A voltage regulator is an electrical component that converts a voltage in a circuit from one level to another. It’s beneficial, for example, if your circuit requires 5 V but you want to be able to supply it with a variety of voltages, such as 9-15 volts.


The basic electronic component guide comes to an end here.