Top 6 Free Things You Can Do in Melaka

Most of the other places in Southeast Asia have been way too modernized in that all of their rich histories is replaced by new structures and concrete.

Fortunately, not all hope is lost since, in Melaka, Malaysia, you will still find a lot of different historical sites. Not to mention that they are absolutely free of charge when you visit them, but if you want a girl escort, you may have to spend a little bit of money.

Well, if you are on a really right budget that you do not have money to spend visiting the many amazing places in Melaka, do not worry. Here are some of the things that you can do that require no money at all:

Walk Along the Melaka River

I know what you’re thinking, you’re probably thinking of the notion of getting that 45-minute cruise along the Melaka River. Well, that is actually not the case. Even though you are not taking the cruise (because that requires some money), you can go along the riverbanks instead.

When you do, you can find many different buildings that have some amazing art on them. And, one advantage of just taking a stroll rather than getting on a cruise is that you can stop at any time to marvel at the amazing piece of architecture and art without having to worry about getting your camera out from your bag in a jiffy.

Visit the Portuguese Village

The Portuguese are the first colonizers of the country and they have established quite a lot of buildings back in the day. Unfortunately, due to a number of factors, there are only a few of them that are left standing today.

Still, you can visit the Portuguese village of Medan Portugis where you can have a glimpse of what life was like back in the Portuguese Colonization period.

Spot Some Turtles in Their Sanctuary

Suppose that you’ve rented a car or public transport in the city, you can head 30 kilometers north of Melaka to find the Padang Kemunting Turtle Management Center.

Here, you will find many sea turtles known as the Majestic Hawksbill Turtles. You can find adult turtles, as well as their young ones as well.

But, because this place is heavily protected, you may not be allowed to enter some parts of the Sanctuary, so if you want to take pictures, make sure that your camera has a pretty good zoom feature.

Glance Over the Floating Mosque

The Floating Mosque or more formally known as Masjid Selat Melaka is a place of worship for our Muslim brothers and sisters. But, even if you do not practice the religion, I still advise you to go here just to take pictures and marvel at the amazing Islamic architecture.

Go Sight-Seeing at the Market

Even if you do not have money this time around, the night market at Jonker Street is still a nice place to visit. Here, you will find plenty of different things that you can mark today and buy the next day or so.

Bukit China

Lastly, I know that this is a morbid place to visit but the Chinese Cemetery of Bukit China is a historical place as it has been established back in the early 17th century.

Just head to this place and go to the top of the hill to see one of the best overlooking views of the entire city- free of charge.