Up and Coming Adventure  Manga Series in 2022

Unlike in past decades, reading manga has become a mainstream hobby that piques the interest of a wide range of ages. What used to be a hobby kept in the dark, reasonably because of the negative connotations of manga to a person, has now translate into a symbol of appreciating arts and cultural assimilation among locals. Interest accumulated towards reading and owning manga has shown a surprising increase especially post-pandemic when everyone was left to be entertained from the convenience of their houses.

Fortunately, this acceptance of the Japanese comic has been met with a high demand for volumes, figurines, and merchandise along with the rise of new exciting titles to keep the readers’ interest at an all-time high. Amidst the surge of newly created mangas, it is easy to lose track of the updates for each edition, both ongoing and the completed series. The rise of these titles has profoundly occurred especially in a much popular adventure series that possess a massive following and audience as compared to other genres. Readers are often torn in deciding  to read new adventure manga series or to finish the ones they have already started and therefore, this list of some adventures mangas worth reading in 2022 might just come in handy :

Dr. Stone

First on the list is Dr. Stone, a bizarre post-apocalyptic rendition of a demolished human civilization because of a mysterious light that freezes and turns everyone into a stone statue. The rebuilding of human civilization is all but futile until a genius, Senku Ishigami has been released from 3000 years of entrapment to solve the mystery of petrification of all humanity. 

Blue Lock 

 A manga set in a prison-like football facility to create an army of super talented football players from Japan. Along with a very eccentric coach, Jinpanchi Ego, the protagonist  Yoichi Isagi was faced with a battle of strengths and wits in order to become Japan’s greatest striker and eventually win the World Cup for his country. 

Demon’s Slayer

Revolving around the protagonist, Kamado Tanjiro, whose sole purpose is to avenge the deaths of his family, an atrocity committed by a passing demon. Together with her half-demon sister, Nezuko, they both take on brutal training in becoming the demon slayer in order to defeat the demon who slaughtered their family once and for all. 

Attack on Titan 

This manga follows a determined teenager, Eren Yaeger whose lifelong mission is to slay the titans, a man-eating giant who is responsible for the destruction of many villages and the deaths of many villagers. After the death of his mother, Eren and his childhood friends embarks on a journey to train in the military force in hopes of defending humanity from the threat of those gigantic man-eating titans. After battling for some time with the force, it was later revealed the existence of sentient titans, which made them a bigger force than the usual mindless one and therefore, more deadly. 

In conclusion, here are some of the most up-and-coming adventure mangas features in 2022 which can be considered worth reading, and definitely justify the massive following and fans among the manga reading society.