Useful Tips to Help You Match a Watch with Your Outfit

One day, you’ve decided to walk to your place of work simply because you were quite early. In your trip, you come across a man that wore a full suit and he really looks good while wearing it. There is only one problem: He wanted to check the time.

Now, you might think that there is no problem with that. The act of looking at the time is definitely not at fault here, but what I am trying to say is that this man, clad in formal attire, is actually wearing a Casio calculator watch. That is just a huge fail!
If you want to be a sophisticated man, you should know when to wear that expensive automatic watch you got for yourself.
Today, I am going to be providing you with some useful tips to help you match a watch with your outfit.

Match Your Watch Based on the Formality of the Occasion

How formal is the event you’re going to attend later in the evening? Is it a black-tie event or is it just an informal birthday party? Knowing the formality of the occasion will help you narrow down your watch options.
For instance, for formal events, you want an analog watch that has a more subdued look. The reason being is that you want people to notice your outfit more than the watch you are wearing.
If it is just a casual event like your best friend’s birthday party and assuming that it is an informal occasion, then you can just do away with whatever watch you’re comfortable wearing.

Different Watch Categories

There are so many watch options out there that it can certainly overwhelm a person who is not a watch aficionado. Fortunately for you, I’ve got your back. Here are some of the different watch categories that you should consider:

  • Dive Watches

Sometimes called diving watches, this category is considered a tool watch more than anything else. This is a timepiece that you can comfortably wear while you are underwater and are water-resistant up to 100 meters (or more, depending on the watch).

  • Dress Watches

This is a rather simple watch that is perfect for formal events. The reason why you’d want to wear this in a black-tie event, for example, is that the said timepiece is usually devoid of so many nonsensical features. All it comes with is its basic timekeeping functionality, as well as a simple calendar and nothing else.

  • Chronograph or Sports Watches

I just lumped both of these watches together simply because they have virtually the same features. Chronograph or Sports watches are built to last, mainly because it is appropriately used for sporting events or in rugged situations.

  • Pilot Watches

Also known as aviation watches, this timepiece comes with an oversized display since it comes with a lot of different features that a typical pilot will surely love. If it comes with an interchangeable band, a pilot watch can be suited for any occasion (except formal events).

  • Field Watches

A watch for the rugged, field watches draws inspiration from the makeshift wristwatches that were developed back in World War I. They can be great for casual affairs.