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While sex does have practical purposes such as the recreation of life, hormone regulation, genital health, etc., it is also a recreational activity, one that absolutely needs to be enjoyed thoroughly. Given how Asian communities believe sex to be a scandalous and taboo topic, education regarding sex and its benefits is not something that is easily accessible. As a result of this, many people refer to sex as only a method of procreation and not pleasure. Furthermore, due to the hush-hush nature of the topic, next to no sexual education is imparted to the younger generations besides abstinence. This leads to them exploring the topic through films, shows, pornography, and word of mouth stories. This leads to a number of misconceptions, half-truths, and myths being perpetrated from generation to generation. 


While many do end up receiving proper information and manage to unlearn their falsehoods about masturbation, these myths are still prevalent and have caused serious consequences.  


Although more often than not myths are absolutely harmless and do not cause any real problems or health hazards, myths about masturbation are dangerous. These myths and half truths can be detrimental to the health and well-being of the people who engage in it. Hence it is absolutely imperative to debunk these myths.


Myths about Masturbation

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Myth #1: Vibrators are for Lonely People 

Fact: According to Chicago sex researcher Laura Berman, Ph.D., women in partnerships are more likely to use vibrators than single women. Women from rural, urban, and suburban areas are equally likely to own them, and users come from all walks of life. Education is the single demographic element that has an impact on vibrators: as it rises, so does the likelihood of vibrator use.


Myth #2: Men Do Not Use Vibrators on Their Partners

Fact: According to the Kinsey Institute at the University of Indiana, 45 percent of American men have used vibrators in partner intercourse at least once.

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Myth #3: If a Woman Uses a Vibrator to Orgasm, she is Sick 

Fact: Vibrators merely assist a lady in becoming aroused and achieving orgasm. They also boost a woman’s sexual pleasure. Women who have trouble with orgasm are considered sexually normal. They simply require stimulation beyond what can be provided by fingers and lips.


Myth #4: Women Use Vibrators when their Male Partners Underperform

Fact: Certainly not. Couples should teach each other what gets them going, and men should make love the way most women prefer it: gently and sensually, with a focus on playful, whole-body massage that includes but does not dwell on the genitals. There is nothing wrong with males or the way they make love if they embrace whole-body sensuality, even if women prefer (or require) a vibrator to achieve sexual satisfaction.