Weirdest Bet In Gambling

There is no globewide player shortage. Gamblers are everywhere and casinos can be found almost everywhere. Same goes to online casinos. Many take their cash seriously, but then draw the line at some point. Some of them are willing to do whatever they can to bet and make profit. The results for the winner are still unexpected or, to put it kindly, uncomfortable, but we do laugh well. Here is our list of favourites

Bet the wife

There was a story about a russsian name Andrei Karpov. Sergei Bordov, his opponent left him at poker games with no money at all and he kept going on hoping he would win. He offered everything that he could as a bet. His luxury watch, car and he even offered his wife to Sergey. Unfortunately, Andrei still lost the game and Sergei went to Andrei’shouse to collect his winnings. Tatiana, who is Andrei’s wife, agreed with his idea to give her to Sergei and it so surprised Andrei. Instead of refusing to leave, she even asked for a divorce.

She feels so humiliated and so ashamed. She feels like an object. She divorced and married Sergei, she told him that he needed to leave her ex husband when he made me a bet. Sergei is also quite charming and handsome. She was really happy with Sergei even though Sergei just won her in a poker game.

Doing a naked forecast

The weather forecast was promised by a french weather girl Doris Tillier, 27, if the french football team can make a comeback to win against Ukraine and secure a slot to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. France really did win the game that night. Not only did the team qualify for the World Cup, the weather girl also kept her promise by forecasting weather with no clothes and delighted all france viewers.

Bet the name

Alcohol and gambling are often a disaster for you, most of you might know that. A New Zealand 22-year old man who has lost his drunk bet on poker is now known as “Total Metal Havok More Sexy N Clever And All The Other Superheroes Combined With Frostnova.”

His name was recognized on his passport, driver’s license and other legal documents because he met the country’s criteria of a name must be less than 100 characters. For sure, he would not name his children after him. We hope at least he does not.